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Siberian Cat is national cat breed of Russia!

Siberian forest cat – this breed is a gift to us from the natural world. Although no one knows exact time and place of origin of these magnificent cats that populated Russia for years, it is hardly disputable that Siberians have ancient origins. Many stories have been told about cats that made their way to Siberia and Far East parts of Russia; surviving, they developed into a hardy, longhaired breed able to withstand the unforgiving conditions of that region.

 The first Russian official standard for the Siberian cat was established in Russia in 1989, proposed by O. Mironova. Siberians were first exported in 1990 from Russia and  quickly gained their popularity in the world.

Russia’s Native Forest Cat, the Siberian, has natural and harmonious exterior. Siberians are one of the largest domestic breeds; they are large, strong cats with moderately long hair and overall appearance of roundness. The breed is slow to mature, taking as long as 3 years to reach full maturity. 
The Siberian, as a breed, have stable, well-balanced temper and excellent health. They easily adapt to any type of living conditions (indoors/outdoors), are affectionate, playful, loyal to their families and amenable to handling. Siberians are very agile and are great leapers. Siberians strongly carry their natural instincts for hunting, quick learning and problem solving, so it is easy to teach them to fetch and do other tricks. They also seem to have a fascination with water.

They are very friendly, loyal cats that will make anyone a great companion.  People refer to them as having "dog-like" qualities.  They have sweet facial expressions that make you melt. Siberians poses magnificent semi-long hair, triple-coated, waterproof coat that comes in most colors. Despite its density, the coat is easy to manage, it does not shed intensively or matt. Their regal collars and bushy tails add to Siberians unique elegance. 

  • Siberians are also known to have hypoallergenic qualities, where many individuals with allergies can enjoy these wonderful cats.  
  • Rossity cattery has a breeding of the Siberian cats since 1994. We have in breeding only the best Siberians and only pure breeding bloodline. Our cats are pure Siberian with bloodlines that go back 4 generations of registered ancestry.

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Our Siberian cats and kittens are raised at our home with love. All our cats for breeding are in good health and condition, they have lovely nature and temperament. Our duty is to take good care of them. All our Siberians are very affectionate when surrounding environment is peaceful and friendly.
We haven’t faced any problems and have used these lines in our breeding program for years.
Rossity Cattery is FIV, FELV PKD and HCM negative.

We are ready to answer any questions about Siberian cats/kittens from you as well as to provide additional information.
Please contact us for prices and kitten availability. We ship worldwide.   

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Rossity Cattery are registered in WCF & CFF & CFA & TICA.

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